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Preschool | Mary's  ABC Academy Day Care Center - Chicago, IL

Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center is known as the premier preschool in the Chicago area. We are recommended for engaging children in great interaction and development of learning skills.

Our caregivers work with each child to foster their individual developmental skills. Each child is unique and learns in his or her own way. For preschool children, we focus on fostering independence, hands-on learning, and communication and cooperation skills. At the preschool age, your child will learn pre-math skills, pre-reading skills, and pre-writing skills. Your child will also learn to use fine motor skills during activities.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, our preschool curriculum prepares each child for kindergarten. We encourage our children to be active and enthusiastic. This will help them redefine their skills and knowledge. Participating in ongoing activities helps mold your child’s education.

We assist our preschool children in the knowledge to practice and build upon healthy, lifelong habits. During mealtime, we may have your child participate in setting the table. This introduces responsibility, starting at a young age.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, we encourage daily involvement in all activities. This helps stimulate their imagination and creativity. From reading aloud to children during circle time to water color painting, we help your child through exhibiting self-expression skills.

We continue to raise our standards for your child at Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center. We strive to meet and exceed parents’ expectations. We are committed to providing our preschool children an above-average learning experience.

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art educational program for your preschool aged child, give us a call or drop by for a tour - you will be glad you did!