Childrens Daycare

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Childrens Daycare

Childrens Daycare | Mary's  ABC Academy Day Care Center - Chicago, IL

Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center in Chicago, IL offers year-round children’s daycare at an affordable price. We offer accommodating hours to meet the busy schedules of most working parents.

Our children’s daycare has been recognized as a leader in the child care industry. We have a welcoming, friendly, and nurturing atmosphere that is detected upon entering our building. Our reputation is second to none!

We promote healthy children at Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center. We have a strict policy on sickness for children and our caregivers. Keeping children immunized and up-to-date on regular check-ups is a part of our enrollment policy. We ask that sick children and caregivers stay home to prevent the spread of illness. Keeping your child healthy is one of our top priorities.

Our children’s daycare offers a wide range of age appropriate toys for all classrooms. We encourage your child’s development, creativity, and imaginative skills. Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center delivers an above-level curriculum with age-appropriate activities.

At our children’s daycare, our teachers are highly trained in early childhood educational learning, CPR, and first aid. We are friendly, nurturing, responsible, enthusiastic, and well-prepared.

At Mary’s ABC Academy Day Care Center, our focus is establishing a well-rounded facility for each child. We offer a healthy, nutritious meal and snack from all four food groups. We also teach healthy eating habits, which should start at an early age.

We offer a clean and sanitized environment for your child. For your children’s daycare, bring them to the best - we look forward to meeting you!